Who do I call if I have an emergency?

Please dial 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency. 

where do I get a Fire Report?

Fire Reports may be obtained at Headquarters, 1148 Main Road, or by calling 843-559-9194.

How do I obtain a free smoke alarm?

Please call Headquarters at 843-559-9194 and we will set an appointment to visit your residence and install alarms.

I need my car seat checked. Is this a service STJFD provides?

Yes! We have several technicians on staff. Call Headquarters to schedule an appointment.

Does the fire department refill fire extinguishers?

This is not a service offered by the fire department. Check the phone book or online for commercial extinguisher service companies in Charleston.

I live in St. John's District but the City of Charleston Responded?

St. John's Fire District, City of Charleston, James Island PSD, St. Andrews PSD and North Charleston Fire Departments are part of an automatic aide agreement that dispatches the closest fire units on a call regardless of district.

I called for an ambulance but the fire department arrived?

While the St. John's Fire District does not transport patients, we do offer Basic Life Support services. Each unit is staffed with an EMT and can begin care before the ambulance arrives.

How many smoke alarms should I have?

Smoke alarms should be located on each level of your home, inside and outside of each sleeping area.

How do I schedule a fire station tour or a fire prevention program/speaker?

Please contact the Fire Marshal Division at 843-559-9194. Sorry, the STJFD does not conduct birthday parties.